Video Production Services

Video Marketing and Small Business Video Production Services

Video marketing and corporate videos can be some of the most effective tools for any business. We emphasize our indie film roots and our flair for storytelling to create honest videos that speak to your customer. Whether you just need video editing or a start to finish solution, we’re here to help you take that awesome idea sitting in your head and bring it to life so it can be shared with the world. Check out our services and, when you’re ready to get to work, reach out to set up a free consultation!

Writing and Preproduction

  • Do you have an idea for a video project but don’t know where to start? Let’s talk it out and see what’s achievable and what the best path for your business production is.
  • Our first meeting is always free and we offer general guidance and consultation on just how achievable your vision is. Meet our creative team and see how we can bring your vision to life.
  • If you’re still unsure, we can always take the reins by offering script writing, storyboarding, location scouting, casting, coordinating and all those little things that take time away from your vision and busy schedule.
  • We employ and prefer a collaborative writing process, so you can be as hands on with this process as time allows. Check out our article on free screenwriting software for ways to get started!


  • We keep a comprehensive kit on hand that can service most any business video production.
  • Does your project require something we don’t show? We have the resources to acquire whatever’s necessary to make your corporate video a success. Let us know what you want and we’ll make it happen!
  • Once on set, our crew will set the scene with lights, cameras and actions.
  • A typical day of shooting includes a Director of Photography with a one or two camera HD setup, 3-point lighting system and full wireless audio package. This can be expanded as the situation requires.
  • We also own and operate a drone for those dynamic arial shots of your facilities or location and a gimbal rig for when the scene requires a bit more action.

Post production and Editing

  • We’ll take that exquisitely planned seed of an idea that was shot so elegantly with pristine, crystal clear sound and turn it into a fully finished product to show off to all your friends, clients and
  • We utilize Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere, both industry standards, to provide that cutting edge look to your final product.
  • As a full scale video production service we are always exploring new methods and trends to make sure we deliver an optimized product to our customers.
  • It’s said that any video is made three different times. Once in the writing, again during filming and lastly during the editing, when it all comes together. That’s our favorite part!

Editing à la carte

  • Sometimes you’ve already got the video content but you just need a professional to edit everything and save you time.
  • Video editing is a complex process. The skills and tools of a professional can elevate any video whether it’s for private use or corporate video marketing.
  • We pride ourselves on our open and collaborative process and tailor our service to fit your project’s needs.

How can our services work for you?

Small Businesses and Startups

  • Customers interact with video more than any other digital medium
  • Even if all you have is footage shot on a phone camera professional editing can help it better serve your purposes
  • Upload your video from anywhere in the country and we can bring it all together
  • Make better use of your valuable time and keep your costs low

Corporate Training Videos

  • Homegrown training videos are one of the best ways to reach your employees and deliver impactful information
  • Have footage? Great! No footage? We can work with lots of different elements to make crisp, informative videos
  • We also provide Voice Over mixed with animated titles and light motion graphics

YouTubers and Streamers

  • Video editing can be the longest and most labor intensive part of your process.
  • Your focus should be on creating content and regularly publishing videos
  • Our Video Editing Service lets you get back to creating videos and away from being chained to your computer
  • Need motion graphics? Captioning? We can greatly enhance what’s already there to take you to the next level

Real Estate Video

  • Showing off your service and providing virtual home tours has never been more important
  • Properties with video tours and presentations are get more traffic than those without
  • We can take the footage you already have and dial it up to 11
  • Need footage? We can do the videography and editing to save you time and make a fully polished product on a budget