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The Ride Home

A feature film shining a spotlight on the mental health of athletes

THE RIDE HOME is a gut-wrenching sports drama where a star high school baseball player, whose love for the game has been tarnished by insurmountable pressure and expectations is sent down a dangerous path to mental destruction with every step on the field.

Themes: Baseball, Family, Societal and Peer Pressures, Living Up To Expectations & Mental Health

Genres: Drama & Sports

Meet our cast (so far)

Matt Biedel
as James Ryan, Sr.

Marisa Brown
as Kirsten Ryan

Cole Depner
as James “Jimmy” Ryan, Jr.

Meet the filmmakers

Michael Vaughn Hernandez

Cole Depner

Irvin Liu
Director of Photography

Shanika Denise Moore

Drew Dull

We are so excited to share this important story with the world and can’t thank you enough for your consideration.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can help us bring this film to life, you can contact us directly.

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