Mind Gap Podcast

For years, Doug Cochrane and Justin Strandlund have been good friends and frequent improv partners. They share a love of debating any topic, although their discussions usually come back around to two things: movies and space. Their most infamous debate involved a 2 hour discussion (while at work) about the actual possibility of time travel and it’s potential ramifications on mankind; this included a full diagram drawn on a wall-sized whiteboard. Time well spent.

Mind gap is what happens when they sit together in front of a microphone and press record.

The Best Bar Podcast Ever

Sharing stories over drinks is a tradition as old as drinking itself…probably. When it comes to telling stories over drinks, or telling stories about drunks, there is none better suited for the job than a bar industry professional. Each week Justin and Milos sit down with a guest and share stories they’ve accumulated over years of both working and drinking in bars. Nothing is off limits so grab a drink, sit back, and who knows, you may even hear a story about you on The Best Bar Podcast Ever. 

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. After 3 years of fantastic guest, fun discussions, and delicious cocktails, TBBPE took its final bow. While the episodes are no longer publicly hosted, we still have them in storage. If you’re interested in listening to an episode, send us a note and we’ll be happy to help you hear it.