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The Second City Training Center

The Second City Training Center / Loose Canons, LLC.

We’ve worked with The Second City Training Center a few times, producing student web series for the aptly titled “Creating the Comedy Web Series” class. One class went on to create their own production company and hired us to produce a season 2 for their web series Chicago HR.

Chicago HR – S1 Ep1: “The Puker”
Chicago HR – S1 Ep5: “The Crapper”
Chicago HR – S2 Ep4: “Chief’s Daughter”
Chicago HR – S2 Ep8: “The Conference Room”
Chicago HR – S1 Ep2: “Caffeine Bandit”
Chicago HR – S2 Ep1: “Annual Review”
Chicago HR – S2 Ep5: “Bop-It”
Chicago HR – Season 2 Shenanigans Reel
Chicago HR – S1 Ep3: “The Interrogation”
Chicago HR – S2 Ep2: “Vacay-stitution”
Chicago HR – S2 Ep6: “Metaphysical Therapist”
Chicago HR – S1 Ep4: “Office Romance”
Chicago HR – S2 Ep3: “The Secret Code”
Chicago HR – S2 Ep7: “Catching the Puker”
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