COVID-19 Safety Plan

2020 has challenged us in many ways. One of these challenges was figuring out how to continue creating fun, inspiring, and engaging videos while also keeping everyone’s health and safety front of mind. Productions were shut down for quite some time but we believe we’re at a point where it’s safe to start getting back to set as long as specific measures are followed during a project. Below you’ll find our COVID-19 Safety Plan outlining the steps we’ve put in place to ensure the safety of our clients, our crew, and everyone else involved.


  • All pre-production meetings will be held virtually when possible.
  • If a meeting is not able to be held virtually for whatever reason, 2 East 8th will send one producer to meet in person with any key stakeholders. 
    • In person meetings will happen outdoors when possible.
    • Our producer will maintain social distancing guidelines as well as wear a face mask for the duration of the meeting.
  • Digital documents will be used as much as possible. These include contracts, storyboards, scripts, call sheets, etc.


  • While we pride ourselves on creating high quality video with a very small footprint, if a larger crew is needed call times will be staggered to minimize contact between crew members.
  • All crew members will be required to wear face masks while on set.
  • All crew members will be required to wear gloves while on set.
  • Each crew member will have their own bottle of hand sanitizer.
  • Crew will bring cleaning/disinfectant materials to set. Upon arrival, the crew will wipe down any surface where gear will be placed and any surface to be used during filming.
  • No one other than the crew will be allowed to touch or handle equipment. Each crew member will only handle equipment necessary for their specific role on a given day.
  • When filming is complete, the crew will again wipe down any surface where gear was placed and any surface used during filming.
  • Crew will bring trash bags and ensure all materials are properly thrown away and removed from the set.
  • Phones, laptops, and other personal items will be allowed on set but must be kept with individuals at all times. Nothing besides equipment will be allowed to be set down on set.
  • Once on set, the crew is not allowed to leave the location until the day is wrapped.