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Drew Dull

Drew Dull is a writer, director, producer, and any other position that gets him onto a film set. Originally from small town Ohio, and a graduate of The Ohio State University, he pursued a career in film in Chicago, where he co-founded 2 East 8th Productions. Having been involved in nearly every role on a film set, Drew uses this experience to optimize on-set crew communication, collaboration, efficiency, and overall experience of bringing a story to life because making movies is and should be fun!

Justin Strandlund

Justin Strandlund has worn many hats in the film industry including writer, producer, director, videographer, location sound engineer, and editor but the role he’s most proud of is co-founder of 2 East 8th Productions. A graduate of Columbia College Chicago, Justin majored in Radio Broadcasting. This training, along with being involved in two media startups, helped him develop his own unique voice and shaped the foundation of his career. Justin loves collaborating to tell stories that entertain and inspire.

Kara Haller

Kara is a writer, director, producer, and script consultant with experience on a variety of sets both in Chicago and Ireland, where she went to film school. Kara has an eye for detail and is always excited to meet with new clients and hear their story.

Estarlyn Hiraldo
Content Marketing Specialist

As a multimedia artist, filmmaker, and musician, Estarlyn uses his creative eye to make sure our content is on brand and on message before it hits our social media channels.

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