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  • Behind the Scenes of Sid Penrose: Notes from the Writer / Director
    Behind the Scenes of Sid Penrose: Notes from the Writer / Director Like a lot of my story ideas, the concept of Sid Penrose came from a dream. It wasn’t my dream this time, however. This one came from the zzzz’s of a good friend of mine, Doug Cochrane. He presented the idea to meContinue reading “Behind the Scenes of Sid Penrose: Notes from the Writer / Director”
  • The Struggles of the Independent Filmmaker and Why It’s Time for a Change
    Join our guest author Liz Manahil as she describes the struggles with indie filmmaking and her ideas to fix the system. Her Constellation Incubator hopes to solve the problems that make indie filmmaking such a struggle.
  • How I Made A Viral YouTube Video — Eventually
    Ever wonder what the secret formula to making a viral YouTube Video is? Well our contributor Chris Vellucci shares his insights into how he and his comedy partner went viral on YouTube just a couple years later than they thought.
  • What is Motion Graphics and why is it taking over?
    What is Motion Graphics? We tap our in house motion graphics animation studio Movult to answer these questions and help explain why animated explainer videos have exploded in popularity lately.
  • Is Film School Worth It? An Adult Learner Perspective
    Have you ever wondered: is film school really worth it? Our guest poster takes a look at this commonly asked question from the perspective of an adult learner. Is it never too late to start? Find out in our latest post!
  • Entry Level Film Production Jobs That Made Us Better Filmmakers
    Learn more about how the film production professionals got their start. We dissect entry-level film production jobs that made us better filmmakers. If you’re looking to start your film production career or working as a PA give this a read!
  • Film Production Companies: What Do They Actually Do?
    Learn more about what film production companies actually are and what they do from a Chicago Video Production company that does things a bit differently. Let 2 East 8th Productions help you break it down.
  • Depression & Creativity: Confessions of a Depressed Filmmaker
    Join us as we share a personal story of our own difficulties and struggles with depression and how it has affected our creative process. If you or someone you know is having thoughts of hurting yourself, please call 1-800-273-8255 or text TALK to 741741. Because your story’s not finished yet. And we need you here to tell it.
  • 7 Basic Types of Camera Shots
    Take a look as we break down some different types of camera shots you may need to know when filming a corporate video. Our Chicago based video production firm defines some of the most common terms for you.
  • 2 East 8th Production’s Best Film Blogs For 2021
    We put together a list of our favorite movie bloggers and film blogs for 2021. Come check out who our picks for best film review blog, indie film blog, and film production blog are for this year!
  • 8 Filmmaking hacks, tricks, and tips to make your next film shine!
    Check out a few of our favorite filmmaking tricks, hacks, and tips that we use to enhance our productions. We draw on all sorts of filmmaking techniques and sometimes good advice to make the most of what we have available.
  • Mobile Filmmaking: The best starter kit for filmmaking and mobile videography
    Come see how with just the phone in your pocket it’s become easier than ever to make high-quality film. With our beginner’s equipment guide, you can start your mobile filmmaking path.
  • Chicago Women in Film & Video That You Should Know
    Come check out our list of powerful women making an impact on the Film industry in Chicago. With so many people in film choosing one coast or the other we wanted to highlight some that came from and built up our Midwest home.
  • 2 East 8th Production’s Picks for Best Video Production Software, Tools, and Services heading into 2021
    Check out our picks for the best bits of software, services, apps, and tools for video production as we head into 2021. Our best video production software highlights the tools we use already and some we want to use in the upcoming year.
  • What is a promo video and how can your small business use them?
    Promo videos are a key component of any good digital marketing strategy, but what are they really? Read our take on what a promo video is and how you can utilize them to enhance your video marketing strategy.
  • 5 Indie Film Clichés To Avoid…Or Not?
    Just because something is called an indie film cliche is it really all that bad? We explore five of the ones we find most common and look at if these film cliches should be avoided or if there’s something you can get out of them.
  • Enhancing your video marketing strategy with indie film techniques
    Let 2 East 8th productions show you how our indie film roots fuel and inspire our video marketing services. The skills and virtues used in indie film can enhance the video marketing strategy of any sized business.
  • Why now is the time for digital video marketing for your small business
    Are you looking for a new strategy to jumpstart your small business? Check out our tips and collected statistics on how video marketing can be a game-changer for you in the coming year.
  • Video Marketing Strategy: Expectation vs Reality
    Let our experts get you started and dispel some myths to help set up your video marketing strategy. Video Marketing is more important than ever and having a solid video marketing strategy will help elevate your brand.
  • 11 Best Podcasts About Film You Need to Hear
    Come check out the best podcasts about film according to us! There’s something here for everyone who enjoys movies, podcasts, and podcasts about movies.
  • Podcasting tips and planning for podcast success
    Looking to have podcast success as you start a new podcast? Check out our guide from two seasoned podcasters. They share what they’ve learned to help you start your own podcast the right way.
  • Free And Easy Tips To Make My Zoom Call Oscar Worthy
    As we get ready to go back to school or settle into remote work how can you make sure you look your best in your Zoom conferences? Check out our free and easy tips to set the scene on Zoom the indie filmmaker way.
  • Corporate Video Service Hiring Tips: A Small Business Guide
    Are you looking for a video production service for your corporate video project? We’ve put together a beginner’s guide for small businesses looking to hire a creative team to produce their corporate video projects.
  • Free Screenwriting Software: A Beginners Guide.
    Check out 2 East 8th’s analysis of the best free screenwriting software available. We looked at only the free options for scriptwriting software and what they have to offer the writer on a budget. If you’re just getting into screenwriting or want to try something different we can help!
  • Theater of Streams: If movie theaters are open again can they stay that way?
    Tell us what you think. Would you watch the latest new release movies via streaming if theaters made this an option? If theaters are open would you feel safe going to see a movie right now? The option for theaters exists, but will they overcome the stigma of being associated with streaming to save themselves?